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Doing yoga can help improve digestion and circulation. When your body has better blood flow your skin glows. Some yoga poses are also extremely effective in increasing blood circulation throughout your entire body thus stimulating the skin.  Details about several yoga poses and the benefits of a yoga lifestyle are below.

Child’s Pose: This is a resting posture that helps to quiet your mind and ease stress. It stretches your back and allows you to come inside yourself.

Corpse Pose: Although it sounds morbid, this pose actually puts your body at complete ease. The emphasis is on complete relaxation. It also triggers a state of deep rest that slows your breathing and lowers blood pressure.

Extended Triangle Pose: This is one of the foundational postures. It is a full-body stretch that can help improve your digestion.

Puppy Pose: While this is similar to the child’s pose, it has additional benefits. It helps counter your tendency to slouch your shoulders when you feel stressed.

According to researchers, yoga has many benefits. It can help prevent diseases and other ways it is beneficial are:

  • It improves your flexibility. If you commit yourself to the practice you will notice a gradual loosening of your joints.
  • It builds muscle strength. Strong muscles protect you from conditions such as back pain and arthritis.
  • It increases your blood flow. The relaxation exercises help your circulation and improve your complexion. They also pump more oxygen to your cells and boost hemoglobin and red blood cell levels.
  • It increases your heart rate into an aerobic range. This lowers your risk of a heart attack and improves your mood.

Yoga sets your heart, mood, and spirit. I highly encourage you to add it your Self-Love practice!