Our Story


Tobey Terry and her children

Inspired by a spirit of adventure and a passion for simplicity, a collection of luxurious organic skin care products made from the purest exotic ingredients to beautify your skin.


The delicate scent of a frangipani flower tucked behind the ear, a geisha’s flawless skin, or a surfer’s sun-kissed locks….those are the hallmark images of natural beauty.

But do you really need harsh chemicals and a countertop cluttered with products to achieve a “naturally beautiful” look? I always believed there had to be a better way. And after the birth of my twins I set out to find it. What I discovered was a path to beauty that completely changed my skin and my life.


After 20 years in the beauty industry, I deeply desired a line of beauty products that was both simple and effective.

As a brand new mother, my skin had suddenly gone from glowing and fresh to dull and lifeless. Despite a countertop full of the best professional products, it felt as though I’d moved from the sunny shores of Santa Barbara to the parched desert of Las Vegas!

Then a chance conversation led me to discover the cleansing oil method. Within days, my skin looked radiant and hydrated.

I created these products to empower women everywhere to bring out your inner exotic goddess, no matter your age or situation.

Inspired, we began searching the globe for the finest exotic ingredients. From white camellia oil to precious pearl extract, we’ve landed on a handful that stand out above the rest.

Through extensive research and testing, we’ve refined a line of simple, anti-aging skin care suitable for all skin types. Our collection is constantly evolving to help you reveal your natural beauty and indulge in life’s pleasures.


When selecting ingredients for our products, I only choose those that:

Naked Soul ingredients work by deeply nourishing the skin to bring out its health, vitality, and beauty at any age.


Our luxurious ingredients and fresh botanicals will transport you to the cherry blossom-lined streets of Kyoto and the white sand beaches of Tulum. As President of Naked Soul, I am committed to bringing you the safest and most nourishing ingredients for your skin and spirit.

You will indulge your skin with exotic ingredients like white camellia seed oil from Asia, known as the “beautification oil” and a geisha’s secret to flawless skin and lustrous hair. All the products in our collection are free of parabens, dioxins, sulfate cleansers, synthetic colors, and fragrances and are never tested on animals.

In addition to carefully curating the finest ingredients, I believe business should benefit as many people as possible. Naked Soul’s strongly supports fair-trade and ecological practices. When you purchase products from Naked Soul, you are investing in your beauty and that of the planet. Now that’s beautiful.

Tobey Terry and her children


Exceptional skin care products should make you look 10 years healthier. From healing acne and rosacea, to repairing dark spots and wrinkles, to maintaining beautiful skin over the years, Naked Soul’s clients have seen remarkable results. With thousands of clients around the world and an ever-expanding product line, we’re ready to help thousands more.

“Never before has my skin responded so wonderfully. It is with much pleasure to express to you how much I enjoy using your skin care collection. I love how it is simple and yet, at the same time, so luxurious. Never before has my skin responded so wonderfully. The careful attention you give to every detail in creating your formulas with the purest, highest quality, most nourishing, healing, and beautifying ingredients has made all the difference in my skin.” N.B.


My highest intention with Naked Soul is to bring you the most exquisite gifts for your skin, so you can look and feel your best. A boutique brand, Naked Soul is small by design, because I believe in hand-selecting each ingredient and adding a personal touch every product. When you purchase from Naked Soul, you’ll always receive the highest level of care.

Much Love & Passion!

Tobey Ann Terry

Naked Soul - Founder + CEO